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10 questions from weekly Dutch investing magazine to Budget Diva

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Investor of the week in Beleggers Belangen week 16

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OPINION  Froukje Wattel, 21 apr 10:38

10 questions for Emmy van Meir


interview beleggers belangen budget diva magazine

1 Why did you start investing?

‘Around 2000 I discovered that I didn’t have any pension plan because I had worked for years without building anything. At that time I worked as a financial adviser, and I took a course for an investment advisor. Investing seemed to be a good solution to the pension problem I had as a conscious unmarried mother. ‘

2 Why are you an active investor now?

‘I found it very interesting to invest; I got the taste of it. It is a way to be financially independent and to take care of yourself when you are old.  Furthermore, I was motivated by two enthusiastic seventies who start their day with coffee and the stock market reports on their laptop. They gave me passionate explanations for hours. ”

3 What was your greatest success?

“My gut feeling. In 2014 I became a member of an investment club, as the only woman among the men. My feeling said something was wrong. I was awake, but the men did not want to sell. I discovered that the AFM did not approve the fund in which we invested, I found out.
“The application is still running …” was the standard reply to my questions. I stepped out and let me pay out a triple of my investment. Afterward, it turned out to be a scam, the men lost everything, and some are still paying off. Very sad for their families. The perpetrators have just been arrested this year. ‘

4 What was your biggest disappointment?

“That I participated in that investment club and put money into a wrong fund!”

5 How much time do you spend on your investments?

‘Not so much. But my friend and I are mining cryptocurrencies. For that, we have four mining rigs (computers) in the shed. We keep an eye on the courses, and when it plummets, we literally pull the plug out. Because then it costs us too much power. ‘

6 What is your strategy?

‘I invest for the longer term. First I tried raw materials, such as grains and gold. But that proved difficult, such a ship with grain in the Panama Canal waiting for the highest bidder while the grain starts to rot. All the more because there are many people who have virtually nothing to eat. I also stopped gold, gold and I are not friends. Now I mainly invest in Dutch companies that go to the stock market. Companies that make sustainable clothing, for example. In addition, we have deposited ourselves at cryptocurrencies, well before the hype. ‘

7 What is your biggest annoyance?

‘On my website,, I blog about financial independence for older women, among other things to motivate them to invest. There I regularly get very faint comments from men who scourge me and my readers. No substantive commentary, but nonsense from people with a keyboard who dare to call everything, even if they themselves do not know anything about the subject at all. Very annoying for my already insecure readers who all of a sudden face a divorce, the death of their partner or the loss of their job. ‘

8 Which investor do you admire most?

‘Every woman who takes matters into her own hands when her financial situation is turned upside down. You are never too old to learn, even though your husband always did the finances. Keep asking questions, do not lie awake from an empty nest, but start investing! ‘

9 What do you expect from the stock market in the coming period?

‘Through all my life lessons I know that you should never expect anything! Twenty years ago it was easier to predict the stock market. Now everyone invests, and everyone just calls everything on the internet, and no one listens anymore. In recent years everyone has been tumbling over each other, the banks, the cryptocurrencies, the various crises. Who should you listen to? The peace is gone compared to the past, when especially the elite invested. Moreover, the cryptocurrencies also go on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ‘

10 What tip do you have for other investors?

“The most important thing: only invest money that you can miss. Please do not use borrowed money for it, or money that is intended for rent or mortgages. Then start with a small amount. And do not be fooled by the screamers who promise you mountains of gold. ”

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  • Reply kate 3 May 2018 at 06:01

    What a great accomplishment to be published. Love to read about your personal investment adventures.
    Gonna follow!

  • Reply Brenda Taselaar 2 May 2018 at 17:45

    Very good & honest interview of Emmy.
    She is reliable and a big knowhow & much expierence.

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