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4 Essential Steps to Mine Cryptocurrency Yourself

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How you build a passive income yourself in a fun way

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Cryptocurrency. You’ve been hidden under a rock for a long period of time if you haven’t heard of it yet. In the last few months, no day has passed in the media, on the internet or even in politics without the word being used.
Ok, that you do not know exactly how cryptocurrency works and how you use it as a means of payment, is not surprising, but the word should not sound strange to you anyway.

The first time I heard it, about 7 years ago, I didn’t think much about it. That was a toy for computer nerds and nothing for the mere mortal who was happy to know who Google and what Microsoft Office was.
Until about 4 years ago, I had a choice in an investment club: payout in cryptocurrency or euros.
In the first instance, it seemed too difficult and time-consuming to me to go deeper into that foreign method of payment.
In addition to the prices of the regular currencies, I also had to deal with virtual money, which fluctuated from high to low and back again.
At that time it clearly wasn’t for me.

Now I’m mining cryptocurrency myself!

After I looked closer into cryptocurrency and was asked by many investment clubs and organizations to invest in it, I saw the mainly positive possibilities. Unfortunately, the scammers who screamed the hardest: “Best opportunity for passive income” one after the other, also stormed the Internet. Placing money and getting it paid out is proven in practice that these scammers disappeared within three months without paying a cent.

My friend has looked far more at the opportunities a lot more and came into contact with a Dutchman who lives exactly that dream abroad. He has managed to build a passive income by mining  himself from cryptocurrency. What started with 1 so-called rig, a row of 6 video cards, is now a complete mining farm in Croatia, just next to his house.

That is how we started mining ourselves. That cost a lot of studies and fails, but we are now successful in building our passive income in a fun way. We like it so much and we have so much knowledge now in how to become successful, that we like to share this knowledge with others so that they do not fall into pitfalls and get started right away.
In fact, my friend is now making and selling the miners himself!

Mining rig

Here are the 4 essential steps to make yourself as successful as we do!

1. Purchase a mining rig

A mining rig is a row of video cards side by side on a kind of rack. So a part of a PC without a housing. See photo above.
You will therefore first have to purchase those video cards. Of course, there are several specifications that I will not go into here. These are things that the salesperson goes through with you if he is a real professional. Doesn’t he? Do not hesitate, skip and search!
At least 6 cards in a rig are needed to mine profitably. That sounds a lot, but really, that’s just a start.

That is the advantage of cryptocurrency mining as passive income compared to investing on the stock market: you can temporarily plug out  without any damage or loss and plug it in again if the prices are profitable again.

Make sure you buy your miner from a good supplier. Here, too, there is a lot of chaff under the corn. The first one we bought was thousands of euros too expensive for what we got, arrived many weeks after the agreed term, was so badly packed that everything arrived damaged and the customer service never had service. No telephone was recorded, no mail answered.
It is that my friend himself had a lot of time and patience to restore all of this, otherwise we would have had a pile of worthless material in the house.
That is how his idea was born to make and sell them. He is the only one in the Netherlands who brings them personally and completely free of charge to the customers at home, explains everything and helps you with the next steps, as shown below. He only leaves when everything is running and the questions are answered.

2. Create a digital wallet

A digital wallet and online wallet where you can receive and pay out cryptocurrency. Like SpectroCoin, for example. It is set up in 10 minutes. You can create different goals, calculate and convert all currencies and you get a card that works as a debit card and exchanger between different currencies anywhere in the world. I have tried several digital wallets, but I like this one. The fact that you get a physical pass makes everything a lot better because you do not need internet if you want money from your account. A cash machine is sufficient.
What’s also great is that they have a free app for your smartphone. So you can always and everywhere enter your data.
Your earnings are automatically placed in your wallet when you have done your piece of mining, so a wallet is really necessary.

 3. Connect to a Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency is created by a number of people like us, who make a small piece of code from a coin. That is called a blockchain. All those pieces that the miners make are brought to a whole at the end of that blockchain and that’s how that coin is made. All those people gather together in groups, a so-called Pool. There are countless Pools on the internet. One Pool is not as active as you would like, the other requires a very high percentage of the turnover of its miners and other mines but one coin of the more than 1568 that exists at the moment.

The easiest Pool for beginners is NiceHash Miner. This pool automatically selects the best-performing currency every day and will start working for you via your video cards. They always pay out your commission in Bitcoins.

4. Plug in the plug!

If you have purchased the rig, you are looking for a place where you can put it best. Remember that the buzzing of the fans that keep the video cards cool is a sound that’s annoying after a while and gives off an enormous amount of heat. Fine for the winter day in a cabin by the lake. For the well-isolated houses these days a bit too much. An attic or shed is the best. The advantage of a shed is the temperature. Because it is never really warm there in the winter, the fans never have to run fully, which saves electricity. In the summer, that depends on how you have sheltered your shed against the sun on the roof.

If you have the whole thing installed and adjusted by an expert, the wallet has been created and you are welcomed in the Pool of your choice, you only have to do one thing: Every day at CoinMarketCap you can view the rates of the cryptocurrency. And of course, mainly the coins that you yourself mine.
If you see that the prices are falling, temporarily pull the plug of your miner out of the wall! The fact remains that the rigs are using a lot of electricity. Each rig of 6 video cards running 24/7 is € 2.50 p / d. Provided they are properly adjusted, at least.
By the sellers where we ordered the first rig, nothing was adjusted and we used twice as much a day.

That is the advantage of cryptocurrency mining as a passive income compared to investing in the stock market: you can temporarily plug  out without damage or loss and plug it in again if the prices are profitable again.

[bctt tweet=”Now he builds and sells crypto miners himself. He delivers them personally to your home. He explains everything and helps you with the next steps. He only leaves when everything is running and the questions are answered.” username=”De_Budget_Diva”]

Do you have experience with yourself mines? Or do you have questions that are not answered above? Let us know in a comment below or via mail. You always get an answer.

Have a great day!


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