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My Recommendations

I created this source page to easily list the recommended services, products and companies that I use and/or that I know to be valuable. This way you can quickly find great products and services in one place. This way you can save thousands of euros per year on this one page!

Note: there are some affiliation links below and I can receive commissions for purchases made via links in this message, but these are all products that I highly recommend. I will not post anything on this page that I have not verified and/or used personally. Due to the constant movement of the online offers, this page will be adapted very regularly to the then applicable standards.


Money Saving Websites


Ultimate Bundles: a number of absolute authorities in unbelievable areas join forces by specialty and offer their articles, courses, and ebooks. These are sold as Ultimate Bundles at incredibly low prices to the interested parties. Throughout the year there are specific bundles that are spent, such as food, crafts, blogging, declutter, health and much more. The next one is on December 29 and that is the Healthy Meal Planner Bundle with 3800 recipes, including for every special diet.

Bol.com remains for me the easiest store with good service. As you some of you know, I can be a bit of chaotic at times, so their evening and Sunday delivery service is great for me. I know that opinions differ, but I have never had problems with it.

Youfone: This is a sim only service that I know of my girlfriend. She has been using the provider for more than a year now and she is still very happy with the service. They have monthly mobile phone bundles from € 7 per month. Yes, really, €7,00. In addition, good customer reviews

Ebates: Sign up for a website like Ebates, where you can earn free CASH BACK through expenses that you normally do online. All you have to do is click on a store (they have many, many stores like Ebay, Shoebuy, Strawberrynet, Toys R Us, etc.) and shop as you normally would. Ebates gets a commission for referring to the store you just shopped and they give you a part of that money back as a thank you. Plus, when you sign up via my link, you will receive a $ 10 welcome bonus! It is American, so you have to check if the stores send to the Netherlands. They pay through PayPAl. My opinion of Ebates: Money-saving tip – Use Ebates for cash back.

More of these types of platforms where I buy my stuff are:

  • Amazon for all my e-books. I order some every month. Via Reddit I am a member of a sub-reddit who sends free books via e-mail every week.
  • Lyoness/Cashbackworld  Many Dutch shops are affiliated with this. You should start looking here first

Hellofresh:: I recently bought some Hello Fresh food boxes for a while. A friend and her husband work very well and have a small of 10 months. For a month she has put her photos and assessment of the box on Facebook every day. That looked good. In our house, it is a chaos in time and food at times. In those busy times, I certainly find a solution. You can always cancel again if the weather is calm. I really see it as a temporary thing in busy periods, my girlfriend and her husband never skip a week. I like that flexibility. The meals are easy to make and affordable.

Bever  my favorite website and store for everything we do outside. We have bought camping gear, clothing, and hiking shoes. Everything is of high quality and their customer service is superb. The people who work at Bever are almost all experts in at least one area and can help you find the best product. Buy online here or look at one of more than 50 stores via that link. We have one in Doetinchem,  so if I have to exchange something once, that is how it is done.

Uber: If you’re looking for a cheap taxi, this is a godsend.

Neckermann, after all the years of traveling, I still find them to have the best service, 24/7 people who know what they are doing. I really like to travel via Zavethem Airport, so I also search a lot on Neckermann.be. That is often cheaper.
For a nice promotion until December 31st, read 2nd person flight free of charge.


Money Services

Aegon: If you are looking for a (life) insurance policy, I strongly advise you to look at Aegon. That makes life insurance simple. A quote only takes 5 minutes and you can determine what best suits your situation. As a financial adviser, I enjoyed working with Aegon. They also have the principle of the reverse burden of proof, so that you never have to wait unnecessarily long for your money. The service is great and I can highly recommend them.

ING  enables private individuals to invest in an affordable manner. This accessible investment platform makes it easy to create a portfolio. Read also 5 Tips for Starting Investors


Blog related companies


Ultimate Bundles has bundles for almost every interest throughout the year. Eating, declutter, needlework, health, blogging are just a few examples. In every niche, there are a number of providers who have tinkered their articles, courses, and e-books. As an affiliate, you always have something to write and your readers can purchase a wealth of information for very little. I am very enthusiastic about it.

Modern Social is really a very important online glossy magazine for every serious blogger and certainly if you are or want to become an influencer. A lot of tips, fine articles and know how from your colleagues. I look forward to it every month. With € 20.00 per year it is not expensive anyway, but now until 31 December, it costs you € 26.00 for a lifetime subscription.

LinkPizza is an affiliation platform that is more extensive than others. In short, you only need to add a URL of a company and if that cooperates with LinkPizza, they do the rest. How exactly, Klaas and Mandy will explain you precisely. It’s going to far to dive into that here at this moment. They have a marketplace, media kit, analytics integration, super service and always pay neatly. I am very happy with it and really recommend it to everyone.

SiteGround: if you’re looking for a cheap WordPress blog, SiteGround might be the solution for your hosting needs. SiteGround is one of the best web hosting companies in the Netherlands in 2017 and you can start your own blog with them for just € 3.95 per month. There are also many offers throughout the year. I have had quite a lot in recent years and was actually done with it. Often poor service and days are waiting for an answer. I just did not have time for that. You just want everything to work according to the agreement. I have been with SiteGround for a year now and have not had a problem for a day. Every question I have is answered and handled within 2 hours, until now. I can say after so many providers that I really can not transfer to another provider and can recommend it with confidence.

Get Response: a good email provider is a must if you have a blog. It is a way for readers to subscribe to your blog and newsletters. If you are currently using a free service, such as Feedburner, you should switch immediately because that is the biggest mistake bloggers make (and I made that mistake myself). I’ve tried a lot of mail providers over the past years and have definitely chosen Get Response this month. It is affordable and very comprehensive automation. I also find it very easy to use. Not unimportant, because if I hate something, it’s about hours of puzzling on such a site how it all needs to be done.

Meera Kothand email marketing  has been a lifesaver for me regarding the abacadabra about email marketing! Very clear and friendly with a real interest in her students. With this online course, you really can not go wrong with your email marketing. Recommended!

Amy Lynn Andrews is a veteran of blogging and has all her lessons and pearls of wisdom noted in her Knowtbook. I bought it and proved invaluable. Every Saturday she sends her mail and I’ve found out that many successful bloggers look like I’m going out every Saturday, seriously. So valuable are not many fixed mails that overflow your inbox. I have really done a lot of it over the years and purchased it.

Snappa is a photo editing platform in the style of Canva. The disadvantage of Canva is that the entire blog world uses it. Which means that you will encounter exactly the same images in ten copies everywhere. That is why I went to Snappa a year ago and I am very satisfied with that. Also very simple and therefore time-saving.

PicMonkey create beautiful photos, logos, social media graphics, and facebook covers with PicMonkey’s easy yet powerful photo editing and graphic design software. For all my collages and infographics.

Have a great day!