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Gift Guide for Bloggers & Vloggers


Gift Guide for Bloggers

Do you know someone in your area who wants to make it as a blogger and/or vlogger in 2019?
Then he/she can use a little help, I know from my own experience!
In the 4 years that I blog, I myself have to find everything out on my own and that was certainly not without trial and error.

That is why I would like to help you with this gift guide that the blogger to be you will be very grateful for.
These are all products that I have purchased and had each proved their worth.

I do not show the many products that I have purchased and proved completely worthless, but you can ask me if you want advice and want to save money.

1. Professional Bloggen for Dummies 

You can find a whole range of valuable books here

2. Neurogym by John Assaraf

These programs (I have done several) have been crucial for me in getting the right mindset. Do not forget that blogging involves a lot of time just behind your PC. This mentally requires a slightly different effort than working for a boss.

In particular Winning the Game of Money is my favorite training. I have started again for the second time. After all, you think very differently after the first time. If you start again with these changes for the second time, you will encounter other things and you can keep repeating that, as long as you benefit from it.

3. The Blog Startup

Meera Kothand was the first person I found really valuable in her advice and teaching materials. She is, in particular, an email marketing expert. Every blog or vlog has a strong email list to get your business off the ground, but also to keep it. I learned everything from Meera and I am grateful for it every day. After purchasing one of her products, you will be added to her Slack group where you can ask all the questions and she will answer them herself.

I purchased also her email marketing template bundle to make email marketing a lot easier. definitely worth the money.

4. Blogging /Vlogging Camera

A blogger is nowadays also a bit vlogger and so a good camera is not a luxury.

Besides this great camera, there is a very extensive range for every Budget.

5. Snappa

In addition to writing, the photos also belong on a blog. In addition, there must be graphics on Social Media Platforms. With Snappa you make the most beautiful pictures, all in your own style in the simplest way. There are a lot of how-to videos and 600,000 copyright-free photos that you can choose from and that you can use for free. I can not work without it anymore.

6. Manual Pinning Simplified

There is a lot to tell about Pinterest, but the most important are the pins that should attract your ideal audience to your site on the www.
If you do not want to spend as much money on all kinds of tools in the beginning, then manually pinning is something for you. How you do that easily, you will learn in this e-book.

7. Siteground 

Siteground is one of the better hosting providers and offers a lot. Specialized in WP I advise you to start with that if you have grown really big, but maybe you just want to be in the right place at once without any fuss. Everything is possible.

8. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to start earning money with your blog? Then affiliate marketing is a must. This course of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is easy to follow, clear and very reliable. She earns $ 100,000.00 per month herself, so you can say she knows what she is talking about. And she is the big example for me from blogging day 1.
I completed it completely and from then on my income increased drastically.

Do you have questions or are you missing something? I like to read it below.

Have a great day!



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