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Gut Health Super Bundle

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The discomforts of the gut

addressed well and cost-effectively 

gezonde darmen super bundel

With the spring, the Big Spring Cleaning is also coming up again in many people.
Whether you do it very rigorously or with the French battle, we all want to leave the house all winter!
In my case, that always works through to my body.
I am going to exercise more, at least more consistently, eat healthier food and get a taste for green salads.

If you do start with the Great, why not take your body and that of your family right away?
With the Healthy Bowel Super Bundle many intestinal complaints are discussed and treated with special nutrition. Like candida, for example.

Gettingstarted gut health superbundle budget diva magazine


Candida is a yeast that, among other things, lives in your gut and helps with digestion. When the candida housekeeping is thrown over by various causes, there is a proliferation of the yeast and that can give the following symptoms, as can be read on the website of Optimale Health.

  • Lifeless and often little energy
  • Digestive complaints such as flatulence, bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  • Skin rashes such as eczema, psoriasis and red spots
  • Rapidly irritated, anxiety, depression
  • Vaginal infections
  • The burden of allergies
  • Huge craving for sugar

In the Healthy Gut Superbundle, 2 books are included, especially for candida healing in a natural way.

The first book is The Paleo Guide to Beating Candida Naturally: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Rid of Candida and Keeping it That Way with everything you need to know and the tools to put it into practice. This can be done in a natural way without jeopardizing your health in other areas. Of course, it is also nice that in this way you do not have to completely disrupt your life.

Candida is also very common with people who eat a lot of sugar and therefore the second book is very nice to have, so with the summer at the door; 20 recipes for sugar-free, candida-diet friendly ice cream and other cold treats.

 What can you expect?

The super bundle consists of:

  • 5 e-courses
  • 16 e-books
  • 44 instructional videos
  • 846 recipes

The whole bundle starts with the ‘Getting Started’ section.
If after 14 days you have laid the foundation for a healthy belly, you can move on to the specializations that apply to you and your family.
The bundle has a value of $ 695,34 and is only available until March 31 for $ 47!
If you click on the photos, you will see which disorders and discomforts are discussed and addressed in a natural way.

 So do not hesitate too long with the big cleaning of your gut this spring!

You can order your bundle right away and start today for an energetic summer with a healthy belly.
This bundle is offered so cheaply because all participating authors and course providers on health services join forces for 1 time in exchange for brand awareness while helping you get healthier. Good deal, isn’t it?

gut health sper bunle budget diva magazine

Have you already purchased your bundle and do you want to share your experience? Or do you have any questions about this? Leave a message below.


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