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Is FutureNet your income for your future?

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Social Media, Cryptocurrency & Advertisement all in 1

Just a few months ago, a good friend came up with a proposal to deposit money into an advertising platform. I wasn’t interested at all. HAd my mind on other things. For the sake of convenience, I assumed that it was reviewing ads for large companies and I didn’t want to go through the trouble, nor time for that.

However, he persisted in his efforts and only when he made it clear that I could buy ads for Budget Diva Magazine for a low amount that would cost me 6 times more money in other advertisement channels, started to dawn on something. A new cryptocurrency platform was added, which can be very attractive for our DIY mining. Finally, the friend had his change to be heard and sat down at the table one day later.


FutureNet Budget Diva Magazine




Distribute advertisement

With FutureNet, one of the possibilities is to distribute advertisements from your own company or blog and click on those of others. I was not attracted to clicking on ads. Eventually, after the correct explanation, it became clear that you only have to click 10 advertisements per 24 hours.
That can be done, of course, but how does that work and what is the point?

You buy a package of $ 50.00 and get 800 views of ads for it. You make 1 or more ads that you want people to visit and FutureNet ensures that they are brought to the attention of the target group you have set. People then click on it and can then do what you ask or read what you want them to read. Or not, that is, of course, personal. This year, a billion klicks have already been carried out by the members and research shows that 15% of them actually perform a CTA. And that’s a lot of conversions! Certainly compared to the expensive advertisements from Facebook where you’re happy with 1.52%.

Click Ads

Then there is the reciprocity: you click on 10 ads daily. No more and no less. You can choose which ads you want to see. If you do not read and speak Chinese, it’s no use to view a Chinese advertisement, of course. There are enough Dutch and English advertisements. I’ve found very nice blogs and products that I am really interested in.
In Scheveningen there is a restaurant that does this and has already received several FN-ers as guests in the restaurant. Good business for them.

If you click every day, you remain qualified to share in the profits made by the 3 million members of the platform. This is a return of 20% in about 4 months. So that $ 50 has grown to $ 60. I deliberately say about 4 months, because it is pure profit sharing that is generated by all members together and thus depends on their behavior and actions. At best, after 120 days, you are $10 richer, in the worst case after 130 days.

What is guaranteed is that every $ 50 eventually becomes $ 60. That $ 50 you then invest again to buy a new Adpack and that is possible with that first deposit 3x per year. That is a better prospect than the 1% you get on your savings account at the banks. Or the risks you are investing in the traditional ways. Which I like to take, because I know that, but I know that many women don’t feel the same about that at all. That’s why Budget Diva Magazine was created in the first place, didn’t it?

The matrix

The matrix is the branch that is hardly ever properly explained, but is at least as important as the Adpacks. Half of the earnings eventually come from there. It only takes longer than the first 4 months before it starts flowing in amounts that really make the difference. And that flow is called ‘overspill’ here. It comes down to 88,000 people in 1 matrix. With every action they undertake, withdraw money or put in money, money is released that divides the positions that everyone occupies. With a full matrix you go on to the next one.

Ponzi fraud, pyramid scheme, and scam

Because it is often not well explained or just not at all, I encountered a lot of resistance already about the matrix and because of that FutureNet as a whole, as I found out in various meetings and groups. And what happens with resistance? Precisely, people start judging and condemning from emotion and filling in everything themselves with the limited resources they have.
And see here: the words Ponzi fraud, illegal pyramid system and scam are used, but certainly tossed around.

Hubby has had FutereNet controlled by ScamAdvisor and it was 100% scam free, so 100% reliable. Here too, people will have their opinions about that and express them, rightly or wrongly.
I do not impose my opinion on anyone, that is not my job in this. However, I am always available to those with sincere interest, who really want to know more about it. I can then explain from my own experience. Via Skype or at a meeting.


FutureNet has also had its own crypto coin called FuturoCoin since January 31st. The minus of this goes just like with any other currency. The only difference is that purchases of the currency can only be made by FutureNet members because there is also a reward system behind it. If you, like me, have a miner or what you have, you can choose to mine the currency yourself.

The whole system of earning with the FuturoCoin and its reward system is really too extensive to write down here. Guaranteed that you’ve lost me if you still need to arrive at paragraph 2. Not that it is so very complicated, but it is a lot and that takes time.
These are things that I want to explain with all my love if you really want to.

Furthermore, YouTube & Google are of course also well provided with information from people who are brave enough to explain it all for the general public. However, I’m more of the personal information needs of fellow human beings. What is interesting for someone else or a must to know, can’t be important to you at all, but you focus more on another aspect.

Ultimately, it only makes sense to delve into the coin if you step into the previously mentioned earnings models of FutureNet. Without an account, you will not be able to access it at all.


Is FutureNet my income for my future?

I let friend Rob come over to explain it so that I could write an article about it for Budget Diva Magazine and listen to the advertising possibilities. Not with the intention to step in.
Now we have been participating for a while and the results are good, I think it’s a shame that we did not give him the chance in October.

You can already start for $ 50.00, but we’ve tackled it more spaciously. That can be determined by everyone for its own.
If everything goes well with us and our commitment as we have planned, we have another nice passive income in 9 months. Read well: another! We are talking about ± $ 5000.00 p / m.

Not about tons or millions. FutureNet is not a get-rich-fast-game. It really depends on your own contribution and effort how much you will earn. Just like with any action you carry out with your money, time, commitment and know-how. That is why I place the freely translated disclaimer of FuterNet below. Just as a reminder that common sense always works better than being blinded by bling-bling.

FutureNet Disclaimer

“There is NO promise or statement that you will earn money or a set amount of money by using our products and services. You are an independent entrepreneur and responsible for your own tax matters All earnings, income or income projections showed are only for illustration and there is NO guarantee that you will make profits or commissions.
As with any company, results will vary and everything will depend on your personal ability, experience, knowledge, desire to succeed, personal development, your work ethic, the time you are in your company crosses and an infinite number of variables are beyond our control.
There are unknown risks in every company, especially on the internet and at online companies, where changing trends and technologies, licenses and legislation can change quickly.
There are also many variables between jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your company f can be implemented in your country. The use of our website, the information we provide, the products and services we provide must be based on your own efforts and you agree that in the absence of this FutereNet is not liable for your success or failure. We do not offer any investment opportunities and we do not offer any financial advice. ”

I fully agree with this. See it like a drugstore: one will remain the cosey village store, the other turns into a Walmart.


On 50+ Experience, you read the 8 steps for opening your FutureNet Business. Within 5 minutes!


Have you heard about FutereNet before and would you like to share your thoughts? We would like to read it below

Have a great day!

~ Emmy

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.


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