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 Affiliate for publishers & advertisers

You decided that you want to work at home. That can be full-time, but of course also as a company next to your job. You know what kind of online work you will do. This can be a blog, but also sell your own made jewelry through an Etsy shop. Or, as my brother did, you take over 3 existing paint webshops from someone who had to sell because of circumstances.

The intention is that in addition to having fun and be excited to start something completely new, you also start earning money with your online business. This can be done by, for example, Affiliate marketing, Branded content, Advertorials, Native Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

About 5 years ago I started my very first blog and got a lot of information about making money with it.
The blog no longer exists because of these main reasons: I had no idea of SEO, affiliate marketing, placing backlinks and promoting.
Well, the SEO and backlinks came pretty quickly clear to me and I could do something with that, but affiliate marketing was really abacadabra to me. And at that time nobody seemed to be able to explain this to me 100% correctly. So what did I do?
I made a hidden page where I put the affiliate links they sent me for no one to see and happily continued with what I am good at: writing.

So clearly I did not understand it at all and nothing happened to those links, which caused me to think nothing good of all the fuss about affiliate marketing. The blog also didn’t grow at all and eventually silently went under.

LinkPizza Budget Diva Magazine

To see the light

In 2016 I started my 4th blog with the name Frugal Life, which was eventually renamed Budget Diva Magazine in 2017. Frugal Life was a bit too Calvinistic, especially for advertisers who, you guessed it, wanted to work with affiliate marketers.

By that time, I knew exactly what it was, which companies I could sign up for and how to implement it on my site. The disadvantage of the name was that it was not only readers who thought that the site was mainly about couponing and save heavily on groceries, but also advertisers, so many of them didn’t want to work with me. That was the point that the name was changed and the site was set up as it is now.

The advertisers knew how to find me better, but I still felt that it was a hassle to make those links follow or no-follow and to maintain the various contacts at the various companies.

I knew by then what a resource page is and how I could process the affiliate links. That was no longer on a hidden page. You make that mistake only once, believe me.

Then I read the article on BlogHolic about LinkPizza in March 2017.
This was what I needed. If you want to set up and maintain a blog like me, you will spend a lot of time with all kinds of things besides what you actually prefer to do and that is writing and informing. That applies in my case. What those things are is discussed other articles to come.

What is LinkPizza?

LinkPizza is a Dutch company that brings national and international advertisers and publishers/influencers together. This can be for sponsored content, advertorials, native advertising and affiliate marketing.

I work with my blog on WordPress and have the plugin installed. Very short: after this installation LinkPizza ensures that all links that I place, are immediately converted into (no- follow) affiliation links. I do not have to do anything for that. So when I put a link to a nice book on, I put that link in the word ‘’ and the plugin recognizes it as a company that is connected and then does the rest for me. When someone clicks on that link and buys the book, I get a small fee for it. Very simple. For me. I do not know how that works with other blog platforms. You have to ask.

In addition, I have an extension in my Chrome bar that shows at my Google searches whether a company is connected and whether I can earn money by placing links. So when I type in Google search and the search results are displayed, you see a gold dollar sign next to the results. I think that’s a super tool! The yellow LinkPizza icon shows that the plugin is working. Also useful to know.

LinkPizza Budget Diva magazine


There are a number of very large affiliate companies affiliated with LinkPizza, including those where I was already registered. The advantage now is that I only have one contact and no longer have to approach different people at different companies for a question about an advertiser or campaign.

The marketplace

A marketplace has been set up where I can search for advertisers who have a campaign that suits me well, but those advertisers can also find me for their campaign.
In busy times I honestly do not look so consistent and then it is always nice to find a request for a job in my mailbox.
This can, therefore, be branded content and advertisements.
If you find a company with a campaign within your niche, then you are going to pitch. You send the company via the LinkPizza site the requested information and a motivation why you want to participate.

Then there is the possibility to indicate which services you want to offer regarding Affiliate marketing, Branded content, Advertorials, Native Advertising. That list of possibilities is very long and extensive.
Then you indicate what your price is per component.
Tip: keep this negotiable, as many companies work with a budget. After all, you can earn more in the future with that one article that you are now writing.

Why native content?

As a blogger who keeps track of all the trends that Personal Finance concerns, I read a lot. I would like to help my readers earn more, save and live, preferably in the current era. Not in 2017, but really at this moment in time.
By ad clicks-cheating that cost advertisers a great deal of money without revenue, installing ad-blockers (tools to hide ads) and not being able to effectively place traditional ads, the forecast for 2018 is that companies put 25% more from their budget in this type of native ads. So they also more often turn to companies like LinkPizza on the lookout for bloggers and influencers.

Readers find it more interesting, credible and more valuable to buy a product from someone who has used it, experienced it and writes about it honestly, than from annoying advertising. All of those moving, flashy and audio commercials that are always way too loud and give you a heart attack. Unsolicited also. If you as a reader are not interested in LinkPizza, you will not read this article either, and certainly not until this point. That is the power that companies will also see more and more.

LinkPizza thus already has a head start on the many new developments that will see the light in 2018. It is very nice for me to know that I do not have to go after it myself, than to just read the trends and know why changes take place. I have nothing more to do with the implementation. That what people do behind the scenes.

For us, that trend is of course very pleasant, because we can then write and inform about it, in addition to placing a relevant banner or advertisement now and then. That makes a blog much more interesting.

My experience

In December I had some questions and wanted an appointment with employee Mandy Schaaf. Within a week we were in a hotel in Deventer and we went through everything on our laptops.
I was very impressed by the fact that there are still companies that do just a little bit more for their customers. Just walk that bit faster, so to speak.

After the meeting in Deventer, I was so satisfied and happy with the way things went, that I wrote a post about it on my LinkedIn profile that was greatly appreciated by others. Unpaid, because they have no options for that platform. Just because I wanted to do that. That is why I now dedicate an entire item to Budget Diva for the people who want to make money with online work at home. In the knowledge that I am not selling bullshit for the money. I would never recommend anything if I do not like it or I just do not know anything about.

You have to know that they receive a fee for their mediation, but that seems clear to me. The costs are not a problem for me because now I can spend many hours doing something else and earn money with it. This also naturally applies to advertisers.
As far as payouts are concerned, they are very correct.

Whether you have a company that wants to advertise through 1 of the possibilities or you are a blogger who wants to write valuable content about a product that suits you: I advise you to check with LinkPizza what kind of possibilities to offer you. And yes, if you do this via LinkPizza and do business, I also earn a little bit… That simply is the business we are in.

Do you already have experience with LinkPizza or do you want to know more about it? Then let us know below.

Have a great day!


P.S. Always make sure you add a disclaimer to your articles. Something like this below. That is mandatory and makes your reader aware of the fact that you make money from what you do. On this site, those disclaimers can then be found in the top menu.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

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