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No longer being able to move = no longer being able to work! What to do?

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Why passive income is important in addition to your salary

As most of my readers know, I have been suffering from pain in joints and muscles for almost a year. It started in 2011 with my wrists and in 2017 eventually spread slowly through my whole body. It got so that in April 2018 I could not walk, stand and sit anymore. No longer being able to turn around in bed independently, drying myself and dressing or undressing. No more cooking and play with the grandchildren. No more shopping or socializing in general. No longer be able to work indoors or outdoors.
And typing. That was also something very hurtful. As a blogger you will soon be incapacitated for work.


niet bewegen = niet werken budget diva magazine

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Diagnosis enough. But what is which one is it?

Now, from 2011 to July 2018, many different diagnoses have been made. By 5 different doctors and some therapists, whether or not in the alternative scenes:

  • Fibromyalgia, perhaps, so I had to do exercises that only made it worse
  • Lyme, maybe. After all, I was brutally attacked by a tick when I lived in Greece (2010)
  • Anemia
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Irritation of the Quervain including the corresponding injections
  • Strained muscles of too much exercise
  • It was all between the ears because of the death of my daughter in 2014
    This was stubbornly said, between the other diagnoses if they didn’t know what to say, until May/June 2018 by different doctors and therapists
  • Can not let go
  • Do not dare to grab and hold on
  • Not being able to/dare to ask for help
  • The Angels want to make something clear to me, the cosmos is busy with it
  • Muscle rheumatism and therefore put on the Prednisone. Looked like a hamster in no time!

It turns out to be mercury poisoning. In life-threatening degree, it was said. And I was shocked by that, I didn’t see that coming. Caused by 2 cracked amalgam fillings from the last century in my upper jaw.

After I stumbled really pissed out of the doctor’s practice with a recommendation for Cesar therapy, because again it really was in between the ears as a result of the death of Shardé, I was done. By then it was May 2018. After all, I traveled with Shamans throughout 2016 to heal and I am truly spiritually minded, but sometimes physical is really nothing more than that: physically.

By a friend, I was referred to a very respected homeopath in Utrecht and he eventually found the poison.
Long story short: amalgam fillings replaced, decrease Prednisone a.s.a.p. and heavily detox with a medicine of the homeopath. And that is battling poison with poison, I can report you. What grose, what grose.

But it does help!

Hole in my income

Where do I want to go with this personal story? The hole that has been struck in my income by all the fuss.
Not being able to move, not being fit, ultimately means not or only partially able to work.
Well, I can still be happy that I work a lot at home, but as a freelancer, I get often offered projects that I really enjoy and put good money in my account. The moment I am asked and can decide whether I do it or not, everything feels very different than when I do not have a choice, is my experience.

Not being able to type or typing very badly has damaged my blog income. I just could not write new articles. Via Freelancer I found a great employee, Tandi, in Kenya who is now my VA and has been watching social media tasks all the time, so as not to fall into oblivion altogether. And that has been one of the better decisions. I do not want to miss her anymore, but she has to be paid!

Not being able to be deployed on the projects has also caused a considerable gap, and then there are the medic costs for medics, alternative or not, medicine and other therapists. They are no joke. And if it does not fall under your own risk, then it is a personal contribution or a module that I do not have, but up till now, there is not a penny to be recovered as reimbursement from the health insurance.
Fortunately, we have a number of projects that provides passive income to a greater or lesser extent, such as FutureNet, Cryptocurrency, Investing, otherwise, I would have had a problem now.
That gap will be filled within 4 weeks or so.

 Nordic Walking budget diva magazine

Moving again

Being pain-free = being able to move again = working again + working out again.
How wonderful is that?
Swimming has been picked up again, even if it is only half an hour at a time.
Yoga very prescient with the beginners training. I can still forget about running.
I loved walking and did that very often, about 10 km/15 each time, 3 times a week with hubby. Just have to wait with that, also.

What can I do now to exercise as much as possible to get the affected muscles in shape?
Advice from the homeopath: Nordic Walking!
Admittedly, I really had to get over an imaginary threshold to take the poles to the streets. In my experience, this was really for the older fellow and I do not belong there yet, with my 53 years … Or do I? Anyway, it took some getting used to with those sticks trailing behind my body, but when I got the hang of it, I found it a very pleasant way to walk.
I’m much more aware of my posture and I really feel which muscles I use. And the great thing is that I do not suffer any muscle pain or become overly strained.
I am now at about 45 minutes and that is a long enough time at this stage. If in a few weeks I am 100% better (there is still ± 1 month to go), I keep taking the sticks on our usual walks. As a beginner, I’ve bought the cheapest ones and they are fine.

I’m just all in!


Back to work

After this entire adventure, I am fully at work again and how nice it is!
I really realize, without exaggerating, how wonderful it is when you can move freely. Daily things can do yourself. How precious health is. I’ve always said that all my life. As a super healthy person who was not sick to get. Now I know it from experience.
That gap in income is a matter of weeks. The memory of the hellish pains, limitations, and frustration to the health care system remains.

I am now so happy and above all grateful that I get tons of energy and inspiration from it. And so I started a second site, together with hubby this time: 50+ Experience.
Started on requests by men who found Budget Diva interesting, but much too girly. Rightly so. They asked me if I could do something similar for men. Of course, they also have their life-changing experiences, which changes the financial situation. And since both hubby and I are 50+ with the necessary experience, this name was the only right one when it came to me.
I hope that you also pay a visit or refer it to someone in your area that does not like all that female stuff.

Do you also have a similar experience or do you want to say something about it? You can write an answer below or send your entire story via for the Readers Lounge. This can also be done anonymously.

Have a great day!



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