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Save on your groceries

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A few tips to save on your groceries

In my 2-person household, with our children and grandchildren coming over regularly, the biggest costs are the groceries.
In Greece I had my own catering business, so I am used to cooking healthy and fast. However, I was very spoiled for the products I bought.  After all, I could buy and sell everything in bulk, use it for several dishes and keep it fresh in the necessary storage spaces.


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Every little bit helps

Watching the offers helps, keeping a budget plan helps, but the temptation was constantly lurking. In the meantime, I have managed to figure out what habits I had to skip, which means that I save a lot on our groceries now.

Make baby food yourself

With the arrival of the grandchildren, I have taken my old habit back: making baby food myself. I use my little herbal chopper for that.
The jars in the shops are very expensive and so terribly tasteless that I do not want the babies to eat that rubbish. Because of this, they also learn to eat everything we are used to at home and the transition of taste is not that big. I received a big compliment from my daughter that she certainly knows how to enjoy her meals as a grown up by this ols habit of mine.


Although in the meantime I have become good with offers and large purchases, it was too often the case that I had to throw away food that was outdated or in volume cooked for an orphanage. Making a sauce like cheese sauce or garlic sauce and marinades is nicer and just as quick as opening a package and stirring in water. You make what you need and it is much cheaper. A bag of sauce will cost  $1.50, is full of sugars and salts and substances that I can not even pronounce, let alone my body wants to accept them.
On infinite recipes sites and You Tube are recipes and videos how you can make any sauce to your taste.

Sounds dull: measure

By now, you really know how much you eat yourself, your partner and kids. As a result, the pots are always empty and you do not throw anything away.
Dishes like spaghetti sauce, soups and pot roasts I still make in large quantities and freeze them in portions. Should one of us have to eat alone, it is heated easy and prevents you from going to the order in.

Creative with leftovers

I make a tasty soup or potato tortilla from the rest of the week. There are more than enough recipes on Pinterest that you can make with leftover fruit and vegetables.

Plan your meals

One of the things that I found awful is planning ahead of my meals. I wanted to eat what I felt like at the time and did not have to think  upfront of what was on the table. How could I know on Monday what I was craving on Friday? Nevertheless, I had put myself over it by planning for the catering business.

Back in the Netherlands I immediately switched to the following system:
Every 10 days sort my recipes and I buy my vegetables of that season. At the butcher in the neighborhood I buy a large amountof meat and poultry once a month and freeze it in portions.
I keep a close eye on the offers, save it and process it to make it more sustainable. See the folder apps that are now available.

So I eat every day what comes to mind, but with the ingredients present as inspiration.
There are also enough recipes apps from which you can download weekly menus including shopping list.

This saves you a surprising amount of money.

Stop buying individually packaged products

It is always a little bit of work, but dividing large quantities into portions, really saves too much to ingore.
Again, the following applies: on the internet you can find plenty of ways to store food better and longer.
I have washable storage boxes in all sizes and forms in big amounts. That is also better for the environment.

Stick to the list

With the apps and recipe sites nowadays, it is child’s play to make a shopping list. It is more difficult to stick to that. Remember that everything that’s not on your list,  is unnecessary and then ask yourself if you want to spend extra money on it.

Everything in one go

Sounds almost logical, but turned out to be a big pitfall. I went to the stores with my list to find myself running all the other days of the week to the more expensive village store again, for 1 small thing and walked out with arms full of stuff I felt I needed.
Now we go once every 10 days, in the morning, right after breakfast ( you know you don’t want to shop if you are hungry) not only get the bulk groceries at the supermarket, but also to  all the other stores where the offers of that week apply and what else is needed .
Then I am very busy de rest of my morning unloading, deviding and storing.
Now I notice that due to this routine,  I am too lazy to go to the village store for a little something, thinking: Will come again next week.

Because of these simple tips our costs for groceries have drastically reduced and we eat just as well and healthily as before. Not less, but certainly more aware.

Do you have genius saving tips for groceries? We love to read them.

Have a great day!


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