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Second person FREE flight with Neckermann (NL)

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For the super fast decision makers!

After another intense first half of December (3 birthdays, 2 commemorations and the death of my 14-year-old Jack Russell Benji on December 5th, I was done with the December spirit. And then it isn’t Christmas and New years eve yet…

Last week we had to work as fire-spitters for the celebration of Christmas lighting in Ninove, Belgium, and we were put in front of a travelshop. As always the waiting is longer than the actual show, so I entertained myself with the travel offers in the shop window. Once back in the hotel, I had an intense desire to take a vacation in the next few days, surfing the site. I suddenly came across this fine offer:
Sunny December. Free flight for the 2nd person!


Of course, there are conditions attached to this, but they are very feasible. There must be 2 paying adults, and you must fly on 1 of the specified dates, to 1 of the destinations they have selected for you.

Well, if you want to do so now, of course, that is not a point at all. I saw some very nice destinations among them. As far as I am concerned, will be all right. That is to say, if I can assure my love that leaving in the last week of December is the best plan of 2017!


Why do I choose Neckermann?

As many people know, I have traveled a lot and will do so again next year. Not on my own with Benji this time, but with my partner.

Neckermann always gives you that little bit more service is my experience. Without giving a name to the whole thing, I have actually experienced at times that the travel organization was hidden behind the small print or just not even found at all when calamities occur. Neckermann simply employs people who really understand it, 24/7 accessible.

Also, it is always possible to book (when booking early), you always have 5 days cooling-off time and a very good cancellation insurance.  At this moment you pay temporarily no booking fee. I honestly do not know how temporary it is, but there are great offers all year round. Just a matter of browsing the site more often.

Budget Diva wouldn’t be a Budget Diva if she didn’t pay attention to that because there is always a lot that can happen you don’t think of at times of planning, and then this kind of service turns out to be a real relief.


Quick decision-makers wanted

Are you, just like me, really ready for a trip?

On 22, 24, 25, 28, 29 and 30 December, many fine destinations were selected for this offer.
That means that you have to decide very quickly and of course you have to convince your partner about it. I am afraid that this will be a hard job for me.

Will you be able to fly to the sun this quickly together? Then I wish you a very nice holiday and expect of course a virtual New Year’s wish in my mailbox.

Do you also have such a need to leave for a trip, the last 2 weeks of December? Leave a reaction below.

Have a great day!


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